Sizing & Measuring Guide

Guide on How To Measure:

    • Make sure that child is standing straight
    • Measure from the back of the heal to the top of the biggest toe
    • Measure and size that accommodates the biggest foot
    • Measure child’s feet wearing the socks that they will be wearing when they are walking in the shoe


  • NOTE:  This is a general size guide with conversions for UK, EU and US sizing. Please refer to the shoe brand respective pages for more information on whether the shoes come up small, true to size or large.

 Feet facts that will help you!

  • It takes about 18 years for a child’s foot to fully develop.
  • A baby’s foot will grow faster during the first 3 years than at any other time. 
  • A baby’s foot arch does not develop until age 2/3 years
  • 70% of foot problems are caused by the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes, and the majority of these were caused during their childhood. 
  • At birth, a foot contains 22 bones - by school age this rises to 45
  • Over the next 13-14 years, these bones will fuse together to create the 26 bones that make up the adult foot.
  • Every year the average person walks 2,500 miles, which is the equivalent of walking from Newquay, Cornwall to Inverness, Scotland, there and back (twice!)
  • Children take in excess of 15,000 steps per day! 

It is therefore very important to recognise that a child’s shoes need to be well-fitted and supportive, not just in the early years but until full development. 

Look after them, because we do! :)