Store & Order Policy

Order Policy

All orders are subject to acceptance and product availability.
While we endeavor to keep the website up to date on a daily basis, sometimes an item may show as in stock when it has already sold out, in which we will update and/or refund your order if this occurs.

All returns have 14 days to be sent back.


Customer Care

You will always be in control of the information you provide. This is why it's important to ensure you update your account when your personal information changes. We will not make any changes to your account without your permission. Your personal information will always be protected and never shared with third parties. You are responsible for providing accurate and up to date information.


Privacy and Safety

We want to clarify that on the Vanilla Jnr website, we have taken the steps to ensure your information is securely saved and not used for anything other to process orders and inform you of the upcoming promotions and products. We do not and will not use your information to sell or make available to outside sources. We are pleased to have the highest protection available to make sure payment details and private personal information is kept between the parties needed.


Use of the site

At Vanilla Jnr we are regularly updating the site and may at the time make the website unavailable due to maintenance if so required. If for any security reasons we may also close the site down without warning, or close it indefinitely.