Carrément Beau

Carrément Beau is discreet lines all in softness and poetry, of Parisian inspiration where nostalgia and modernity intermingle, for babies and little girls up to 12 years old.

Carrément Beau wardrobe meets every need, with children's wardrobe essentials, comfortable and adapted to real life in a classic universe but always in line with the trend!

The classic and poetic silhouettes are twisted by a modern or graphic detail
such as a two-coloured pocket, lurex stripes and dynamic colours red, copper
saffron yellow and thyme green. Durable, Carrément Beau is committed to the
planet by using organic cotton on 100% of its cotton knit styles and recycled
nylon for all the season's jackets.

"An impertinent brand echoing childhood, using children's words" - The Carrément Beau Team